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Training packages & workshops


I am a charismatic Public Speaker and enjoy the platform of making relevant, specific, effective and powerful speeches before audiences, large or small on a range of subject matters.


I deliver workshops and presentations to varying audiences ranging from Local Authorities, Community Safety Teams, Schools and Colleges, Local Community Groups, various organisations and private companies.  I write training packages for organisations and I offer a wide range of one hour webinars or two hour or four hour workshops at your offices, some of which are listed here:


  • Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults

  • Professional Boundaries

  • Child Sexual Exploitation

  • Safeguarding Awareness including Radicalisation

  • Mindfulness Techniques

  • Confidence Building

  • A Guide to Self Compassion

  • Controlling Emotions

  • Conflict Management

  • Steps towards Self Healing

  • Raising Self Esteem

  • Dealing with Anger & Aggression

  • Suicide Awarenesss

  • Panic Disorder

  • Coercive Control

  • Unconscious Bias

  • Learning from Failed Relationships

 & Tailor made packages specific to the needs of your organisation.


You can find contact details for me on our contact page.  Please send an email for price guides and information.  Alternatively simply request a call back from a member of staff, we'd love to hear from you.


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