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SHAPING LIVES CONSULTANCY has established itself with the aim of providing therapeutic support services specific & workshops to providers’ in both the voluntary and statutory sectors who work in the field of providing a customer focused and excellent service delivery to meet the needs of those who are vulnerable and in need of support. whether it be individual or group focused.  

SHAPING LIVES intends to ‘Create Futures’ through Self-Empowerment Therapy & Training which includes developing relationships with their Clients, Trainees & remaining dedicated to engaging groups in learning.

SHAPING LIVES CONSULTANCY has established itself as a first point of call for information and support within its respective remits and has succeeded in developing close working links with providers and various agencies within the field of supporting others to manage their themselves & their environment effectively. 

 As a result it is well placed to provide a safe, healing, non-judgemental and confidential space in which you have the support of a trained professional to explore whatever is challenging you. Whether you want to tackle a specific problem such as low self-esteem, anxiety or neglect, or simply want to lead a more fulfilling life, therapy or group workshops will assist you in gaining a new and positive perspective.


Accredited Member, The National Counselling Society;

Certified Pratictioner in the Art of Neuro Linguistic Programming;

Royal Society of Arts in Counselling in the Development of Learning;

Advanced Professional Integrative Psychotherapy Diploma;

Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Advanced Diploma;

Coaching with CBT

Registered Lecturer - Teaching Year 2 Students in Counselling Skills Theory.

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Personal Approach
I am an Integrative Therapist & Trainer drawing on the Mindful, Cognitive Behavioural and Humanistic schools of theory.
  • Mindfulness  is based on the idea that If we can change the way we ‘think’ and change the way we ‘behave’ then it follows quite logically, that we will change the way we ‘feel’.

    Feel Emotions; Think Thoughts; Behaviour

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy helps to identify and change self defeating or irrational beliefs and behaviours, by challenging and altering negative and distorted ways of thinking.
  • Person Centred Theory is used to build a trusting, empathic accepting and genuine working relationship between therapist and client or workshop attendees. A person centred process involves listening, thinking together, coaching, sharing ideas, and seeking feedback.
My Client Group
As a Therapist & Trainer, I work with adults, parents, adolescents and organisations for an agreed period of time or on an open-ended basis with the aim of enabling the enhancement of work balance & initiatives, meet objectives and move forward rewardingly.

  • I work with individuals with a broad range of emotional, psychological and mental health difficulties which are impacting on their day to day lives and relationships, such as depression and anxiety.
  • I work with people who have suffered a traumatic experience who may be suffering from post traumatic stress, flashbacks to the event, as well as fear and anxiety on a daily basis.
  • Therapy supports a person to express their feelings and tell their story with someone they can trust enabling them to make informed choices, develop a positive attitude, whilst building confidence and self-esteem in order to feel better about themselves.
  • I deliver various quality assurance and self development workshops face to face or via video link.
  • Workshops are based to provide tangible training that the trainee can take away and apply almost immediately in their day to day working environment..


If you have any concerns or wish to make a complaint about the counselling you have received,

please call 01903 200 666 or email who will guide you through the process.

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