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The vision of Sarah Agnes Foundation (SAF) has been born out of desire for a renewal of family life.  The United Nations has declared 2014, as the 'International Year of the Family'.


Europe in particular finds itself with challenges to the family that are unprecedented in its history, particularly in family breakdown.  In the UK, 18.2 million families face real life challenges across all communities, in which the current figure for family breakdown stands at 46 billion - the same amount as the Defence Budget.  Imagine what society might look like if we were spending that much investing in strengthening family relationships.


Family breakdown has been acknowledged by the government as a key driver of poverty.  We need a strong family focused lead to take a firm grip on a range of issues currently identified within society such as domestic violence, substance misuse, suicide, attachment difficulties, abuse, mental health disorders, relationship difficulties and issues relating to older age amongst many other indicators of poor family health.


Many problems that families face are due to intergenerational cycles of deprivation affecting physical and mental health and which generate poor health and wellbeing outcomes for the family, often perpetuated by poverty.  The UK has a commitment to end child poverty by 2020.


By supporting an understanding of family dynamics and empowering their sense of resilience and ability for the challenges in which they face, whilst facilitating growth of an enhanced capacity for empathy through a therapeutic relationship, areas of emotional and psychological deprivation can begin to be transformed, from generational patterns of dysfunctional relating to healthy ways of being.


There is a desperate need to provide professional, interpersonal integrative and family focused interventions which address families' mental health.  It begins with one center in East London, within a plan to expand to fifty centres in all fifty cities in England over ten years.


A professional counselling and psychotherapy service allows for a deeper understanding of relationships and their impact upon social and emotional health outcomes.  It facilitates a process of change in the interpersonal world of the individual seeking psychotherapeutic support that is integral to their development and aspirtations, to help them connect and relate to others and realise their lifelong potential.


SAF's fundamental principle is to provide effective and early help to families in difficulty, by working to resolve conflict and find comprehensive solutions to challenges through psychotherapeutic interventions in order for families to flourish and communities to thrive with vitality. (copyright of Sarah Agnes Foundation).


This is the reason I am honoured to offer my direct therapeutic support to this organisation, its staff and clients...


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