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Choose Holistic Invaluable Life Lessons 


The vision of CHILL has been born out of the desire for the renewal of women reclaiming their power and taking charge of their lives in a healthy and positive way. This is why I created regular drop-in sessions in East London with themed workshops where women can get together in safe inclusive women-only spaces, where support and refuge can be offered.

This space does not create division within society but instead fosters a safe and stress free place to learn and grow where women can be independent in their own space. Women only groups are necessary today to promote women's leadership, find mentors and have individual and collective capacity to become powerful ambassadors, to seek decision making powers, take charge of their lives and fundamentally show how indispensable women are to society.  CHILL have a person centred approach to planning and delivery that is holistic and empowering of its users. 



My passion and desire as a therapist is with working with women to promote healthier emotional responses through building sound psychotherapeutic  & inclusive relationships.  This has inspired me to further reach out to women who want to achieve positive outcomes and would benefit from empathic, congruent group sessions, self-empowerment techniques and personal development.

There is a desperate need to provide professional, interpersonal integrative  focused interventions which address a variety of topics including well-being, confidence building, self-empowerment' developing potential and so much more..  It begins with one location in East London, within a plan to reach an entire community of females.


CHILL  allows for a deeper understanding of experiences and their impact upon social and emotional health outcomes.  It facilitates a process of change in the interpersonal world of the individual that is integral to their development and aspirations, to help them connect and relate to others and realise their lifelong potential.


CHILL's fundamental principle is to provide effective and early help to women in difficulty, by working to resolve conflict and find comprehensive solutions to challenges through empowerment, psychotherapeutic interventions in order for women to flourish and thrive in their homes, in their work place, in their communities and in their personal growth and development with vitality.





Aside from the physical benefits of daily walking exercises there are many other benefits such as improving strategic thinking, enhancing creativity, reducing anxiety, alleviating stress, lessoning the impact of anger issues and reducing levels of depression. We offer Walk n Talk Therapy so not only will walking increase our circulation, which nourishes our whole body with blood and oxygen and provide the nourishment that our tissues need to repair themselves, it often solves minor issues before we even notice them. With these advantages, Walk n Talk helps calm the mind and reduce the effects of stress. Subject to availability, terms & conditions apply – please make enquiries directly to

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