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Therapy with me....


I'm a licensed therapist specialising in PCT, Psychodynamic & CBT.  I'm passionate about helping people to identify and challenge the negative thinking patterns and behaviours that can lead to mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and addiction.

I have a strong belief in the power of insight and understanding to help people make changes in their lives and achieve personal growth. My goal is to provide a safe, non-judgemental environment where clients can explore their feelings, beliefs and experiences. I'm here to listen, provide support, and work with my clients to find the solutions that are right for them.


Integrative Psychotherapeutic Therapy is taking the best elements of well-known counselling and psychotherapy models and putting them together in a unique, tried and tested approach, which allows you to help with a range of common human problems. It explores the clients past, present and future and implements different techniques and skills which will help them heal, become whole, resolve their issues and achieve their goals which is my particular skill as an accredited Therapist.  These skills are also used to deliver various empowerment workshops.


I am a Certified NeuroLinguistic Programmer and I am an accredited member of the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society MNCS (Acc).  As an accredited NCPS Practitioner, I adhere to their code of ethics and you can be reassured that all information you disclose is treated as confidential.


I strive to ensure that all of my clients feel supported and understood throughout their journey.  By supporting and understanding dynamics, by empowering a person’s sense of resilience & coping ability for the challenges they face, we can facilitate growth of an enhanced capacity for empathy.  At this point areas of emotional and psychological deprivation can begin to be transformed, from generational patterns of dysfunction into relating to healthy ways of being.



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